• Jim Gramming
  • NEW – Videographer / Director

    We warmly welcome JIM GRAMMING – Videographer / Director from Hamburg.

    JIM GRAMMING grew up surrounded by art, film, and photography as his parents are artists who created
    documentaries and art films. For this reason, he grew to value aesthetics and creative pursuits.

    Born in Berlin, JIM GRAMMING moved to Canada when he was 17 to improve his English. After his graduation
    from High School, JIM GRAMMING travelled for over a year to explore and experience the world before his
    return to Germany.

    Here, JIM GRAMMING completed a 3 year apprenticeship at a photo studio in Hamburg to gain experience
    and become a photographer.

    Moving images became more and more important to his work. Today he is mainly focused on video filming
    and editing. JIM GRAMMING’S films impress by the magical use of light, emotions and creativity.

    JIM GRAMMING already worked for clients like: Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Bahn, Fanta, Hamburg
    Marketing, Geheimtipp Hamburg, Klar Augenoptik, Eyes and more, Audi sailing, Saint Jaques, FischerAppelt,
    TUI, Ecco, Molinari, Aida, Netto…

    Have a look at his show reel right here or open

    >>JIM GRAMMING’S portfolio
    (more examples of his work on request)



    SHOW REEL 2016



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