We warmly welcome fashion photographer SARA MERZ!

    Hamburg and Zurich based photographer SARA MERZ finds great inspiration in true characters and intriguing beauty.
    As an international photographer she is passionate about working on the fine line between art and commerce, creating
    sensual images that tell a captivating story – may it be through powerful portraits or engaging fashion editorials.

    SARA MERZ has a provocative yet playful approach when depicting feminine allure and catches a light and colorful
    esprit in every single frame.

    SARA MERZ has already worked for clients like Wald Berlin, Closed, Femtastic, Little Black Dress, Stefanie Biggel,
    Creation Baumann, Jelmoli, Manor, Migros, Meisterschmuck.
    Magazines like REVS, L’Officiel Mexico, Hunger TV, Quottom, Modzik, I love you, Offblack etc. complete her
    up-to-now portfolio.

    >> open Sara Merz‘ portfolio


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