• FRANCE 5

    Director and photographer ROBERTO BADIN’S latest film as director for FRANCE 5.

    The concept:

    »You can rake your carpet«
    »You can repot your lamp«
    »You can spray your wallpaper«
    »You can cut your couch«
    »You can water your cushions«

    „There are 2 different tv programs at France 5 channel.»La Maison France 5« for interiors design, house ware etc.
    and »Silence, ça mousse« for gardening. Both changed their schedule – time and day therefor the art director
    decided to make a surrealistic concept of mixing things and activities which tells the story of doing things the wrong and right way.“

    >>open Roberto Badin’s motion portfolio
    >>open Roberto Badin’s still life portfolio

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